Imagem para o Blog - PE Return

The Spectra-Insper database contains a unique set of information about Private Equity organizations, funds, deals and people in Latin America. Containing information of 82 fund almost fully divested, the database shows that the Latam Private Equity has been successful, with funds achieving high levels of return.

The mean IRR of Private Equity funds that have been substantially realized in the region is 23% p.a. in US$, with a return, on average, of 3.6x in its invested capital.

When compared to the Brazilian Interbank Deposit Rate (CDI) and Public Equity Index (IBOVESPA), Private Equity has outperformed. The mean Private Equity return was almost twice the value of the Brazil Interest Rate (12,9%) and the IBOVESPA Index (12,4%), exceeding these indexes in almost every vintage.